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Main Features

The Guide to Data Engineering

This is a step by step course to become a Data Engineer.
Go here for the nine main modules.

The PlumbersTube Video Platform

Browse the complete video library of short clips, coaching session videos, course videos and live streams. All videos in one place!

Weekly Q&A Live Streams

Access the live streams and the recordings. I answer your questions around Data Engineering and your personal project. Plus content updates

Mini Courses

Data Engineering on AWS

Full 5 hours course with complete example project. Building stream and batch processing pipelines on AWS

Learning Apache Spark Quick Start

Apache Spark quick start course in Python with Jupyter notebooks, DataFrames, SparkSQL and RDDs

Data Engineering Fundamentals

A complete and free guide of topics and resources you should know as a Data Engineer

Choosing The Right Data Stores

Learn the different types of data storages and when to use which.

Data Platform And Pipeline Design

Learn how to build data pipelines with templates and examples for GCP and Hadoop

Machine Learning for Data Engineers

Everything about Machine Learning that Data Engineers have to know









Frequently Asked Questions

Why join Team Data Science by a Monthly Subscription?

Unlike an online course, the content on Team Data Science grows every week. Andreas is constantly adding new topics, videos, worksheets as a private weekly Q&A video. We also publish the posts your write in the community blog posts section on our social media profiles. The monthly subscription allows you to pay only as long as you need our content.

Is Team Data Science right for me?

A Team Data Science subscription is right for you if you are interested in the plumbing of data science and want to apply it in your future. We have helped many members and coaching students who work as Data Scientist, Data Analyst, Database Administrator, Software Developer as well as graduates who are searching for Data Engineering jobs.

Is there a method to communicate with Andreas?

Yes, there is an exclusive members forum as well as Slack workspace where you can ask questions. In this forum you can get feedback from Andreas and chat with the other members. There is also a separate area in the forum where you can ask questions, which
Andreas will answer in a weekly video and make available to all members.

How long do I have to complete the course?

All content is completely on-demand, which means you can advance the modules at your own pace. You can start whenever you want, and there are no deadlines to finish. You only pay for as long as you need or want access to the content and the forum.

How much does it cost to join?

Andreas is convinced that data engineering deserves much more attention and that the knowledge of becoming a data engineer should be accessible to anyone who wants to learn it. Therefore we have committed ourselves to keep our membership fees as low as possible and to offer content of the highest quality. For this reason, Team Data Science membership costs only $19.97 per month. In our opinion an amazing offer!

Will the price always be $19.97/month?

This is a good question, because we actually increase the price regularly! Just like you know it from all other products. But if you join now, you can keep the unbeatable low price you signed up for today for the entire duration of your membership! (Yes, that's right - as long as you stay a member, we will NEVER increase your current price).

Where can I get even more information?

If you have specific questions regarding Team Data Science membership or the coaching, please feel free to contact Andreas directly. Just click here.

How does the money back guarantee work?

I am absolutely confident that you like what you get with the membership. However, if you don't like what you get and you contact me within the first three days after the purchase you get a full refund.

What does "first in line for the coaching" mean?

I open the membership for new students only a few days per month and only accept a maximum of 10 students. (Right now I am taking a pause, but it will be back) As a member you will get notified first when the booking will be open and therefore can book before everyone else. (I can't guarantee that you will get in however)

Is there a free trial available?

No, sorry there is no trial. I have a huge collection of over 200 videos you can watch for free on YouTube. Here's the link: Or read the data engineering cookbook. It's going to help you a lot learning more about Data Engineering. Link to the download:

Can I get a corporate Invoice to use my companies training budget?

Yes. For annual subscribers I write a corporate invoice on demand. Here's how that usually works: - Get the OK that you buy the annual subscription on Team Data Science - Buy the annual subscription with your PayPal or credit card - Send me an email with your full name and the companies information to - I'll send you a corporate invoice - Take that invoice and send it to your accounting department - Get your money back

Is there a single payment option?

Yes. We have an annual subscription to Team Data Science. It's a one time payment without auto renewal. You get one month free. And we also write you a corporate invoice if you wan to use your companies training budget. (see next question for details)

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