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The Guide to Data Engineering

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January 2021


Python, SQL, Git


The Main Course Learn Data Engineering is a step by step course from researching job postings, creating and doing your project to job application tips.

So in this course you will learn everything you need to land a Data Engineer job.

What will I learn?

The goal of the course is to teach you everything you need to land a job that requires Data Engineering. This course additionally uses the mini-courses in it's modules.


Included in Academy Subscription

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What's included?



Theory Lectures

Sample Code

Example Datasets

Videos from the Coaching sessions

Course Structure

  1. Set Your Goals

  2. Research Jobs

  3. Social Media Profile

  4. Documenting Your Work

  5. Find A Dataset

  6. Project Design

  7. Build Your Project

  8. Presentation

  9. CV & Application

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Check out the Coaching Program:
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