Module 01: Introduction


Hi! Here you find all the resources I use in my Data Engineer Coaching program.

This material will also help you a lot if you are a monthly subscriber to the site without coaching.

I think you will see that this method of creating your data engineering project and learning data engineering with it works great and will be a lot of fun. 

Set yourself a challenge, try to follow the 12 week program I describe below.

If you have questions or something is on your mind please use the private member forum


Coaching Schedule

The coaching is planned to be finished in 12 weeks.

This means we have a quite tight schedule.

To make keeping track of your progress easier I made the following overview for you.

 Come back here every few weeks to check if you are still on schedule.

Weekly Schedule

During the week you work through the modules.

They help you build your project and learn Data Engineering.

At the end of the week you document your work by writing one blog post.

Put it on the community blog and on your social media.

Also document your project on your GitHub page.

Attend the coaching sessions Monday or Thursday.

This way we can go through all your quesitons. 

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