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Data Science is About Solving Problems Not Algorithms

Andreas, how do I get into data science? How do I become a data scientist? Which algorithms do I have to learn? Which statistics do I have to learn? Statistical Mathematics?

These are questions I am often asked. And it is exactly these questions that really drive me crazy.

Because this is exactly the wrong approach. When you think like that, you're approaching things from the wrong angle. You try to learn everything and then you try to solve a problem. But this is exactly the wrong way. You have to approach it from the other side. From the practical approach, so to speak.

Data science is about solving problems, not about models or algorithms.

From the problem to the detail

You start with a problem and then it's about solving that problem. Then you will find out to do it and what you need to do. For example, what algorithms you need to do it. And then you go deeper. Finally you see what algorithm you need.

Then you ask yourself the question, how does it work? Then you go to your limits. You may find that you do not have the necessary mathematical knowledge. So you see how you can get behind it. How can you understand that? And you will find equations you need to look at to solve the problem.

So the important thing is that you dive from top to bottom, deeper and deeper into your problem and the problem solution. You don't start from the deep end and go out again and try to find problems that you can solve - no!

It goes from the problem to the detail!

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