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How to choose what to learn in Data Engineering

In my dba journey sometimes, I was heavily motivated and excited to perform tasks like,

  • automating routine activities.

  • troubleshooting

  • data manipulation

Data Manipulation

It happens in such a way to write an SSIS package to read from a CSV file and import it to the DB.

Parse XML file and extract data to a CSV file.

Why am I telling all these?

May be many people might have come across these scenarios, I was just connecting the dots to explain which made me to establish a path towards Data Engineering.

How to learn?

I went online and watched videos and skimmed through free courses.

Common sources which are encouraging self-learning and my next words talk about the Mentor.

Which learning methods work?

This is the stage I figured out a need for a mentor.

The general pipeline which most people follow to learn a technology. Mentor plays a key role in fine-tuning the pipeline.

I am fortunate that the same person who wrote the blogs I read and made videos I watched has come up with an awesome coaching program, I subscribed it

As a part of my coaching, I need to figure out a way to extract a list of skills that you need to improve/learn.

Research Skills

  1. Talk to people already working in the same profile.

  2. Attend the local meetups.

  3. Check job boards.

I automated the process to get the job, location, and skills by web scraping, probably I will share those details in another post.


Literally, this post reflects the way I am thinking at this moment to upskill and work on the desired technology platform.

I would like to see any thoughts in comment.

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