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How to transition from data scientist to data engineer

From data engineer to data scientist - a professional advancement to a higher-level profession.

This is the way of thinking that unfortunately many people have. However, this is absolutely not true. Because they are just two different professions.

But exactly because of this widespread misconception I was a little bit surprised but also pleased when I was asked how to go from data scientist to data engineer. What is a good starting point for someone who has strong programming and information skills, but now wants to move into data engineering.

So here is my suggestion how you should proceed sensibly:

If you are already in a job as a data scientist, look at the tools that are used within your platforms.

Get familiar with these tools and learn how to use them. Feel free to take a look at my Blueprint and compare it to what you see in your current job that you work with every day.

Then you will take a deep look into the tools you use there. Understand them and then try to find a job that has less to do with analytics and more to do with the engineering part of it.

If you are technically gifted in computer science and if you love computer science as much as I do, then you will automatically switch there. You will slowly switch from your current work of machine learning to platform stuff. Because if you love tools and creating cool solutions, platforms and interesting pipelines, it makes perfect sense.

As you can see, it's also interesting to switch from a data scientist to data engineering. The tasks of a data engineer are definitely very interesting and are in no way inferior to those of a data scientist!

What do you think about this rather rarely seen path? Let me know in the comments!

>> created by Mira Roth


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