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Important countries and regions with Data Science demand

In which regions or countries is there a boom in the field of Data Sciences and thus a large number of jobs?

This is a very interesting question, which newcomers or graduates often ask themselves. Maybe you have already asked yourself this question?

The USA as an advanced country

Companies in the USA are obviously very, very advanced with Data Science. This of course makes the market there very interesting for newcomers.

Germany's Silicon Valley

But there are also some centers in Germany that work a lot with Data Science. The Berlin region in particular is very strong here. It can be described as the Silicon Valley of Germany. On the one hand, there are a lot of start-ups there, but on the other hand there are also many larger companies.

But of course the regions in Germany where the big car manufacturers are located are also very interesting. Munich and Stuttgart are particularly interesting.

These are most likely regions where you can find many jobs in the field of Data Science. Because exactly these companies naturally need data science and engineering.

India as a frequent choice for subsidiaries

India is of course also very relevant. Because large companies often have subsidiaries in India.

The quality of work and education there is always good. Especially in the field of Computer Science. A lot of people there have good knowledge and are very hands-on.

It is also significantly cheaper there than in Germany or the USA. This interaction of factors makes India interesting for many large companies.

Accordingly, the market is also there in India. However, I haven't talked much to people there yet.

What is the market like there? Is there a large fluctuation? A job fluctuation? Are there many vacancies? I do not know one hundred percent.

Job platforms give you an overview

But this is where your own initiative comes into play!

Take a look at job platforms. See where there are jobs and which companies offer these vacancies.

This requires a little research, but it's very easy to find out in which regions there are vacancies at the moment and where you have a good chance to get a job in Data Science.

Do you know other regions that are currently booming? Then please let me know in the comments!

>> created by Mira Roth


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