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Job Opportunities For Data Science Proof Of Concepts and MVPs

What are the job opportunities in the field of Data Science? Several, of course!

Based on the 4 phases of a Data Science project, the possibilities can be worked out well. In this blog post only two of the four phases will be discussed.

But now from the beginning.

The four phases are: Proof-of-Concept, MVP, Validation and Scaling.

The Proof of Concept Phase (PoC)

Starting at the PoC phase, you could say: okay, I'm getting a research data scientist here.

A data scientist who can work on algorithms. He uses the business idea and basically validates the business idea.

So he helps with the questions:

  • Does the business idea really work?

  • Are the data enough to support this business idea?

And when you know that it is enough and that it is good, then you move on.

The Minimum Viable Product Phase (MVP)

In the next phase, the MVP phase, you will build a Minimum Viable Product with a minimum of support for the business idea. And then when you're here, you have a platform. The platform architect build something with the system administrators. Also you have a data engineer who can do the pipelines and you have more data scientists who can apply standard libraries and do automation.

As you can see, in the first two phases there are already several job opportunities.

What do you think about this or can you think of another job? Let me know in the comments!

>> created by Mira Roth


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1 commentaire

Do you think if someone is stuck and boxed in by technology restrictions the best route is to "bake in" desired tools into a POC? How does a data engineer push his company along in absence of finished MVPs naturally evolving the platform?

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