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Should You get Google Cloud Professional Data Engineer Certified?

All over the Internet you can find online courses and certifications for data science, data engineering, cloud architects, big data and whatnot.

So, should you get certified by Google Cloud or get an AWS Big Data certification?

Sure, why not.

However, certificates are not a helper for everything. They don't really certify you if you're good at the subject. They just show that you are interested in a topic. That you have basic knowledge about the cloud and about tools and techniques.

But that's all.

A course certificate alone doesn't really mean anything to someone who wants to hire a professional data engineer or data scientist.

If you're looking for jobs with companies that work with Google Cloud or if there are many Google Cloud Platform Data Engineers being sought, then Google certification makes sense.

Accordingly, you can acquire such a certificate, for example as a Google Cloud Professional Data Engineer.

Because logically, Google Cloud shows you in its certification courses how you can build something with Google. AWS on the other hand will help you to build something on AWS. Which makes perfect sense.

So if you like AWS and you see a lot of open positions for AWS, take an AWS course like this. Why not? It will show the company that you have taken the initiative and that you have certain basics in this area.

Nevertheless, you should always question courses before. There are thousands of courses on the Internet which advertise that you will become a data engineer or data scientist within half a year.

It is also often advertised that after completing the course - in other words after half a year - you will land a hundred thousand Euro or Dollar job.

But does that really make sense? Is it realistic? Would you hire someone without much experience and pay him 100,000 dollars? That should set off all the alarm bells. Because that's really unrealistic. Especially when the classes cost a lot of money...

I think people absolutely love to see your background and practical skills around data engineering, big data, nosql or in the case of a data scientist machine learning.

If you already have practical experience a certification can be the kick, the deciding factor in hiring you.

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