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Starting small with laser sharp focus is the best

Creating the one big thing in a company, a platform for everything, a central thing where everything is consolidated - in practice, unfortunately, this is often what people try to do.

But I, as a pragmatist, see this as the wrong approach. I look more in terms of a start-up. You come very quickly to a Minimum Viable Product if you start with several projects. With small projects. You might use the same platform or the same general cloud platform. But the projects should still be independent of each other.

And the ones that work, you will consolidate later. But don't try to make the big one right away in the beginning.

Why not try to create the one big thing?

First of all it takes forever to create a Minimum Viable Product at all. Also, you don't have that one big thing where it's hard to make improvements.

Imagine you have this one big platform: At first it takes forever to create it. And then you need to run updates. But it's all interconnected, so it's very hard to ship updates or make changes. Because you might infect another team or inflict changes to another team and so on.

You want to get started quickly and you want to get started cheaply. So you create several Minimum Viable Products. When you get into validation and then into scaling, and you know that your business model is right, the thing works, the customers love it, and you have two, three, maybe four things, only then you consolidate it.

Those are exactly the reasons why it makes sense to start with small projects and get back.

What is your opinion on that? I am looking forward to your comment!

>> created by Mira Roth


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