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Where to start if you want to become a Data Engineer

"Where can I start if I want to become a Data Engineer?"

This is a question I have heard many times before. My answer to it is actually always the same:

Start doing a Data Engineering project!

Choose a tool

Your first step here should be to select a tool. Then start with that tool and then build the whole thing up.

So you get some data and then start with a tool. For example a processing tool or a database. It does not matter.

Build it up

You then build another tool on top of that. And you also build something on top of that again. And so on - so, just start building the whole thing.

Of course it is also possible to change tools. So it is simply super important that you get hands-on work!

Certifications - useful or not?

Often I see newcomers saying "Okay, I'm going for a Google Cloud Data Engineer certification. That way I can demonstrate experience."

Yes, such a certification can be helpful. But honestly? Doesn't it make much more sense to have a project to show for it? So real hands-on experience? Doesn't that say much more?

In my opinion it does! I am really not a fan of certifications!

Better: Document your project

Actually do a project. Document your project. And also document the experience you gain from it. This will help you much more than just get a certification that shows that you can work with the tools on Google Cloud!

So what are you waiting for? You want to become a Data Engineer? Then let's go, start with your project!

If you still need a little more support, you can take a look at the Team Data Science Membership.

Here I will guide you through this process with the help of a guide with 9 modules! Just have a look at it :-)

Not sure? There is a money back guarantee for the first three days! (P.S. you only pay as long as you need access)

>> created by Mira Roth


Check out the full video on YouTube!

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