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Data Engineering on AWS

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10 hours


September 30, 2020 at 10:00:00 PM


Python, Cloud Basics


Full 5 hours course with complete example project. Building stream and batch processing pipelines on AWS

What will I learn?

Build stream and batch pipelines on AWS, Real world project and data, how to plan a platform, how to plan pipelines


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What's included?


Source Codes

Web Links

AWS Tips & Tricks

Course Content

  1. Data Engineering on AWS

  2. The Dataset

  3. Platform Design

  4. Data Pipelines

  5. AWS Basics

  6. Data Ingestion Pipeline

  7. Stream to Raw Storage S3

  8. Stream To DynamoDB Pipeline

  9. Visualization API

  10. Visualization Pipeline Redhsift DW

  11. Batch Processing Pipeline

  12. Conclusion

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